mind-reflection-ltd-bez-tlaOur experienced and unique team of highly qualified people from 2014 yr.

We provide services and cleaning.

Both the cleaning of houses, flats, offices, hotels, to the general public.
Our clients include both individuals and large corporations.

Typical finishing works include:

– Building houses
– Reinforce works
– Bricklaying
– Carpentry work
– Roofing work
– Plastering, smoothing the walls and ceilings
– Painting of building kitchen
– Installation of suspended ceilings
– Wallpapering
– Installation of lighting and other electrical installations
– Plumbing,
– Installation of floor and wall panels,
– Laying parquet
– Leveling floors
– White montage
– Laying ceramic tiles, terracotta and stoneware
– Building fireplaces
– The performance of the mezzanine
– Installation of walls GK
– Demolition of partition walls
– All necessary dismantling
– Chipped tiles and terracotta
– The removal of waste
– Preparation of walls and ceilings to the new arrangement
– Adaptation of premises for unusual purposes
– Implementation of technologies fire
– The adaptation of premises to meet the needs of people with disabilities
– Acoustic insulation of rooms
– Repairs and finishing
– Laying cobblestones
– Minor repairs hydraulic and electric
– Cleaning up the garden, terrace, garage, basement
– Painting doors, windows and other
– Laying carpets, carpet
– Mounting antennas
– Bleeding radiators
– Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Each order, large or small, will meet with us always with professional advice. We will offer you the innovative solution of any of your problem. Contact us and discover what we have to offer you. Our qualified staff will help you with pleasure!

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